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Dr Hajee Abdul Sattar Sait

Dr Hajee Abdul Sattar Sait is the pioneer who envisioned and laid the foundation for Safina Group.

As the founder and Chairman of Safina Group, he oversees the strategic direction of the business. His vision is to constantly bring technological innovation to his beloved city of Bangalore. Mr. Hajee started this decades ago by installing the very first traffic light in the city of Bangalore.

Over the years, Mr. Hajee has extended the Safina Brand into numerous industries including Real Estate, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Retail, Software & Technology, & Horse Breeding amongst many others.

Mr. Hajee has a constant desire to get involved in his community and give back and has served on the board of numerous government agencies as well as non-profits including the Karnataka State Tourism Department and continues to hold seats on numerous non profit organizations.

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